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As well as the administrative and logistics buildings, this project includes a set of large communication antennae and their associated gear. All the antennae are protected by radomes. The site was specially chosen to provide optimal conditions for this purpose, and efficient use was made of the available space by matching the buildings and antennae with the outlines of the plot. The antennae have an east/west alignment, with space for an additional antenna and a full line facing south if necessary.
As for the building itself, comfort and high technical performance criteria were big priorities in designing the project. In addition to the general architectural quality of the building and its attractive façade, design aspects such as the height of the interior spaces, the optimal use of natural light, the interactions between interior and exterior spaces and the use of high-quality materials all helped ensure the building’s user-friendly character: The operational building, administrative building and accommodation building are separate. This functional division helped to keep work separate from leisure activities, which is highly beneficial to the well-being of personnel, as it prevents the cooped-up feelings that can result from spending the entire day in a single building. This separation also allows for more open and well-ventilated buildings.
The buildings meet very high safety and environmental standards, with waste heat reuse, rainwater recovery, and thermal and solar efficiency to minimise the need for air conditioning, thereby reducing operating costs. Additionally, the buildings have been designed to be easy to maintain throughout their life.

Telecom installations for NATO

Kesterweg 80
1755 Gooik
MINISTÈRE DE LA DÉFENSE & Nato Communication Information Agency (NCIA)
Town Planning & Landscape
2 241 m2
Structural engineer: FRANZ DUPONT
Building services: VK Engineering
Project management: BOPRO
Quality control: SECO
General contractor: HERPAIN Entreprises