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The canine brigade will contain the following functions:

- a kennel with about fifty kennels (45 kennels + 5 isolation kennels). Each kennel has an interior part (4m²) and an exterior part (11m²).

- logistics areas for dogs, such as a kitchen for meals, an infirmary for treatment, showers, and storage areas.

- two training fields, one covered and one open, each 600 m², and a resting area of 400 m²

- service areas for operational staff and trainers: changing rooms, briefing room, etc.

- the administrative buildings linked to the brigade


The training centre will accommodate:

- two shooting ranges, one of which is 50m long with 10 shooting ranges and the other 30m long with 5 shooting ranges and a 180° shooting field

- a dojo that can accommodate 40 operational employees and can be divided into two smaller dojos.

- two large classrooms that can accommodate 30, and 25 participants, respectively

- the administrative premises for instructors and the violence control unit

- logistics facilities for instructors and participants, including changing rooms and sanitary facilities

- the common technical spaces shared by the 4, and K9 divisions


The site also provides:

- a communal cafeteria of 165m² open to the whole site and which can accommodate up to 90 people.

- a 900m² building for training in police intervention techniques (the PITIP).

- and a "MOLOTOV" slab, which is an outdoor sports area of 800 m².

New police training centre for police zone Brussels Capital - Ixelles; and regrouping of three Brussels dog brigades in a single site

Avenue De Béjar
1120 Neder-Over-Heembeek
Brussels City & Brussels Capital-Ixelles Police district
Town Planning & Landscape
In study
6 900 m2
2 500 m2
9 400 m2
Consortium CIT-ASSAR-VK
Deputy project manager: CityDev