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The evolution of the Luxembourg administrative framework provides for the requirement of the integration of phasing, and specific allocations in the PAP. This requirement raises the difficulty of anticipating what these will be, while avoiding any subsequent blocking or mismatch between location, form and function. Our reflection is grounded in this context and offers a macro-implantation of functions that should be future proof and able to adapt to fluctuations in economic conditions. 

The best locations for residential buildings are situated on the south side of the blocks along the Mercator street. We believe that special emphasis should be given to the overall perspective of these buildings in order to create a sense of cohesion in the life of the district. Similarly, we believe that this installation justifies buildings that are independent and open onto the green spaces on the PWC site. The sunlight combined with the tranquillity of this street will contribute to the quality of life of the inhabitants. They will have direct access to the major roadways via lateral avenues reserved for soft mobility. The succession of these buildings establishes the lateral link with the promenades in the natural areas.

The offices are arranged around a courtyard. The main opening of the courtyard is located on the boulevard and perpendicular accesses establish a permeability with the pedestrianised avenues. Access to parking is via the lateral avenue. Hence, each building that forms the courtyard enclosure has an address on the boulevard. The residential buildings can be accessed via the Mercator street. A single slope distributes the car parking for the two buildings by block.


Competition within masterplan Grossfeld PAP. Mix use program of 42,570 m² of housing and 120,400 m² of office

Boulevard Raiffeissen
2220 Gasperich
Extensa Luxembourg
Housing & Hotels
163 004 m2
44 411 m2
207 415 m2