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The Centre Hospitalier Neurologique William Lennox (CHNWL – Neurological Hospital), a 159 bed hospital, was built in the 1970s and is dedicated to the rehabilitation and the management of patients of all ages suffering from neurological disorders such as CVA, cranial trauma, epilepsy, consciousness and developmental cognitive disorders, with a view to improving their quality of life. The CHN William Lennox is a benchmark centre in the field of neurological rehabilitation for patients of all ages.
The centre is located in the magnificent wooded setting of the Bois de Lauzelle (close to the NATURA 2000 zone), in Ottignies. This location let our architects to contribute a reflection with the widest possible scope in relation to the initial request from CHNWL, seeking to extend its buildings by constructing, on the one hand, an additional 1600 m² 3rd floor in order to accommodate a "coma awakening" treatment unit, an “ergotherapy” technical facility and a traditional rehabilitation unit; and also the creation of a 1800 m² side extension to the main building consisting of a day hospital and a hydrotherapy installation suitable for patients suffering from neurological diseases.
In order to respond to this request, ASSAR ARCHITECTS suggested not constructing an additional floor but 2 additional buildings in order to enable the upgrading of all the treatment units, with minimal disruption to day to day activity and at the same time enhancing the clarity of the hospital’s design.
Their reflection was formed around 3 main axes :
- Work on the light, by developing projects that allow visibility of the sky and do not obscure this access to natural light, and which play with the light by reflecting the environment, but which also allow it to enter or filter in where this is desirable.
- The use of warm, natural materials by emphasising colour choices for tones that have these same characteristics and confer gentleness and protection upon patients and staff alike.
- Respect and hospitality, developing a welcoming project both in terms of clarity of design of its access points, and in the expression of the internal spaces, but also an architecture which - like a cocoon - protects, reassures and allows itself to adapt to its users.
With its tailored architectural responses, ASSAR ARCHITECTS won the competiton.

Construction of a new project (an extension) : The Neurological Hospital William Lennox

1348 Ottignies
Health & Wellness
In study
16 000 m2